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We have worked with Van Do Equipment for several years and have only positive reviews for Kiet! He has maintained our machinery well, and helped us out when we had unexpected emergency repairs that needed immediate service. These naturally have happened on our busiest production days, or on a Friday evening (Murphy’s Law naturally!) when we would be crippled for the weekend if Kiet didn’t show up right away. Thank goodness we can rely on Kiet’s knowledge and professionalism.

On occasions when it just isn’t worth it to repair an old machine or when we have needed to add a machine to our inventory, we have bought rebuilt machines from Van Do Equipment also. Before we even think about buying a new machine, we ask Kiet if he can get us a good used or rebuilt machine, and he has always managed to fulfill our needs on that also. In conclusion, Alpine Bakery highly recommends Van Do Equipment for their reliability in repairing and maintaining equipment, and also for the quality and prices of their rebuilt equipment.

Danilo Torres, President

Alpine Bakery, Inc.

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  John Wm. Macy's CheeseSticks

Kiet Van Do has helped us update and expand the capacity of our plant in Northern New Jersey over many years. The range of work he has done for us extends from refurbishment of existing sheeters and mixers, to the installation of a water chilling and metering system, to an important role in modifying and upgrading our main production line.

Kiet brings a complete tool box to any project wherein his knowledge of electronics and pneumatics complements his demonstrated mechanical ability. His vast experience with a wide range of production systems fosters helpful input at the design stage. On top of that, he always seems to be available to help out quickly in a crisis. I recommend him highly for any project that involves production machinery.

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